Napoleon Hill’s New Book

Newly released that is.  After more than 70 years, the Hill family has let the Napoleon Hill Foundation release Napoleon Hill’s book Outwitting the Devil.

Written in 1938 and to be the sequel to Think and Grow Rich, Outwitting the Devil was hidden away for more than 70 years.  When friends and family read the manuscript, they were so shocked, fearing Napoleon would be exposed to criticism and controversy and ending his career, the manuscript was hidden away, unpublished.

Digging deep to identify the greatest obstacles faced reaching personal goals; fear, procrastination, anger and jealousy which Hill labels as ‘Tools of the Devil’ and if let to control can lead to ruin.  Here, he reveals principles of good, allowing us to triumph over these obstacles and succeed.

I enjoy reading Napoleon Hill’s work very much, even though he passed away so many years ago, his good work goes on.

Julie 😉

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  1. Dee Ann Rice
    Twitter: deeannrice


    I have read Think and Grow Rich and loved it.

    Outwitting the Devil sounds really good.

    I just finished the book that I was reading and may have to go and by it.

    Thanks for the review.

    Dee Ann Rice
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    • Julie
      Twitter: jmd164

      @Dee Ann Rice, Hi Dee Ann,

      Yes, Napoleon Hill certainly does or did rather, write page turners. I wonder if there’s any more hidden in the closet we don’t know about!

      Thank you for dropping by and leaving your comment.
      Take Care

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