Poor and Rich

I had this presentation sent to me and thought it was just wonderful.Ā  A father takes his son on a short break as he wanted to show him how poor people live.Ā  Perhaps in the hope the child would learn to appreciate what he has and know how lucky his is.Ā 

Rich people, poor people, through the eyes of a child.

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I’ll leave you with your thoughts – which of course you can share with us.
Take Care
Julie šŸ˜‰


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  1. Christian Hollingsworth
    Twitter: smartboydesigns

    Just adorable. Our vision is so limited and corrupt at times. If only we could find a way to become more like little children. Such a blessing.

    I’m grateful for all I have. I need to show it more often. I have a lot!

    Thank you for the reminder. This was beautiful.
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    • admin
      Twitter: jmd164

      Hi Christian and Welcome,

      Yes, if we looked at things in our life alot more through the eyes of our children, where things of material worth mean nothing to them unless it’s needed, we’d probably have more time for play and laughter.

      We all need the reminder now and then.

      Thanks Christian for stopping by and commenting, and contratulations to you on your placing for the Small Business Influencer 2011 – well done.

      Take Care
      Julie šŸ˜‰

  2. Terry Conti

    Hi Julie,

    That is a very unique presentation. Mindset, perspective is what can get you through anything if you just apply yourself.

    The way you look at things is very important in life. If you learn to look at what is positive no matter how negative things are you can conquer mountains.

    Thanks very much for the inspiration to always look for the positive.

    Keep on keeping on Julie,

    Terry Conti

    • admin
      Twitter: jmd164

      Hi Terry, how’s it going?

      A colleague of mine sent it to me, we’d been talking about our different life styles and upbringings. Me from New Zealand and she from Iran. A simple card game we played (during our break of course), she got so excited ’cause she’d never played cards in her life! They are not allowed, the system forbid it. And it was only Uno, (I plan on teaching her poker next :-) ).

      Thanks Terry for taking the time to stop by and for your comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation.
      Take Care

  3. Theresa Torres

    Hi Julie,
    Wonderful post! It’s really amazing how a change of perspective can make us see things in a different light. Looking through the eyes of children with their honest interpretation can teach us a lot.
    We should learn to live in gratitude, be more appreciative, and stop complaining.
    Thanks for sharing the presentation. Have a nice day!

    • admin
      Twitter: jmd164

      Hi Theresa and Welcome,

      Yes, you are so right, we do do alot of complaining and should learn to appreciate what we have. It’s amazing what children teach adults, when told as a youngster, that we don’t grow older, we grow wiser. Perhaps it’s a middle faze we need to go through before copping on.

      Thank you Theresa for stopping by and leaving your comment. šŸ˜‰
      Take Care

  4. belinda

    yes, truly amazing on how the son was able to see things in a better and clearer view. I must agree with you, life is too short not to appreciate every little things we have. Thanks for reminding us.

    • admin
      Twitter: jmd164

      Hello Belinda and welcome,

      Yes, it is amazing how children see things, they can certainly teach ‘the grown ups’ a thing or two.
      Thanks for stopping by Belinda.
      Take Care

  5. Mandy@LearnToBlog
    Twitter: learn_to_blog

    Well that was just wonderful! How true, and isn’t it so interesting how other people value what they do not have, but how we can also covet what others possess.

    Enjoy the journey.


    • Julie
      Twitter: jmd164

      Hello Mandy,

      Yes, I thought it was really great. It really made me think about my own growing up. We had everything at our back door and took it for granted, only later one realises how lucky we were.

      Thanks for stopping by Mandy and leaving your comment.
      Take Care

  6. Barry Wells
    Twitter: barry_wells

    Hi Julie, what a great video and message.

    We could all use it at times. I think to many people look at what others have and think they have nothing, if only they were to pluck their heads from their ####’s and look around at what they have.

    It’s funny really as growing up we had next to nothing but each other yet our cousins had it all it seemed (at the time). Yet only this week I was reminded of the bond I have with my family when our cousins do not anything close to it.

    Thanks Julie, loved the pictures as well as the message šŸ˜‰

    Best of luck for the Rugby tomorrow, I’d love for Wales to meet you in the final šŸ˜‰

    Take care, Barry
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    • Julie
      Twitter: jmd164

      Hi Barry,

      This week we’ve been talking ‘I remember when’ on FB and a friend posted “I remember borrowing from neighbours when I was a kid, just to make a meal !! poverty these days means doing without luxuries not food on the table !!”

      You are so right Barry, sadly though there will always be those who will never stop to look and be content and happy with what they have, even with a little reminder.

      Oh and thank you for mentioning the rugby. I had it in my head to watch it Sunday. Yes, it’s on on Sunday, but in New Zealand! I’d have looked a right dill sitting down ready to click on and it’s all over!

      Glad you liked the presentation
      Have a good weekend :-)
      Take Care

      ps. checking the rugby times, as it’s an evening game, it will be Sunday here – an early Sunday :-)

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  8. Dee Ann Rice
    Twitter: deeannrice


    I had not seen this post when you posted it.

    I love this story. I have seen it before and I talked about it many times with my children when we lived on the farm and had very little as far as what most people would consider wealth.

    We felt so rich living on the farm even though our house was cold in the winter and there was always lots of work to do.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Dee Ann
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